Thông tin nhóm Lò nung chẩy mẫu bằng gas
Lò nung chẩy mẫu tự động bằng Gas 4 vị trí
The Phoenix Gas Fluxers will provide top quality and quantity first time – every time, whether you are a commercial laboratory, quality control laboratory or a research / educational institution.These fluxers are designed to meet the client’s needs, both now and in the future.
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Lò nung chẩy mẫu tự động bằng Gas 6 vị trí
The reputation of the Phoenix has been established in nearly 1000 installations worldwide in the last 20 years. Inthat time it has shown itself to be the reliable and flexible workhorse of the fusion laboratory; beloved by chemistsand laboratory managers alike. The Phoenix II takes that base of...
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